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Arohanui Christian Trust

Providing Social And Support Services In Auckland

Arohanui Christian Trust is a government-approved child and family support service. We help victims of abuse through simple, uncluttered services in a welcoming environment.



The homes are set aside for families, children, and young people with safety as our first responsibility.



Many of our services are conducted in the community, separate from those who live in the homes.

Safe House

The homes are set aside for families, children, and young people with safety as our first responsibility.

Family Orientated

We are family orientated and re-unification of families is one of our top priorities.

Join The Team

Arohanui Christian Trust needs committed caregivers to work with children, young people and solo mums.


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Please contact us today for support or information on how Arohanui can help.

Arohanui Christian Trust

“Arohanui is a Maori word with the literal meaning of big love.”

Arohanui Christian Trust is a government-approved child and family support service with the reunification of families one of our top priorities.  The goal we set for each person is to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of those we work with.  We provide safe homes for victims of abuse.  There are no religious barriers to enter.  We simply provide a loving, caring and compassionate environment to live in.

Providing Support For Over 50+ Years

Arohanui Christian Trust has provided a supportive environment for over 50 years, beginning in Masterton, then moving to Auckland in 1971. Arohanui often take in teenage parents and their babies, helping them to become effective parents and role models. Hundreds of young people have passed through the foster homes and have gained skills through the caring and structured environment provided.

Arohanui will forever be etched in my heart. These beautiful people gave me nothing but love, a structured home and loads of fun!. I couldnt have asked for a better family and home to have gone to, even though times were hard, Arohanui Christian trust was such a positive experience for me.
Love you guys. Amber

When I was a young teen these wonderful caring souls helped me along side other awesome staff such as Vicki and I still remember them to this day and what they do for young people is just incredible. They love those and care for those who don’t have it elsewhere. Bless you beautiful People and hope to see you one day soon. Lisa

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Arohanui Services

Support for victims of physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse.

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Safe residential accommodation for family, children and young people.

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Support for single mothers

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General And Emergency


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Residential ‘Safe House’.

All the homes run by Arohanui Christian Trust are supervised. No home is set up for rental only purposes. Trust homes have house parent/s, rules, conditions and programs to be adhered to. We have an interview process and only those selected as suitable are bought into the program. This ensures that to the best of our abilities, all families, children and young people are protected and kept safe. The Trust homes are not a ‘drop-off’ centre for all and sundry to use. Rather, our homes specialize in supporting families, children, young people and the vulnerable in our community. Our top priority is to keep families, children and young people protected, safe and loved. This means we are careful, considerate and safety conscious when selecting each person to enter the program. When the Trust is not suitable for a client, we seek to assist them to find a suitable alternative.

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